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[PDT 3] The Three Musketeers, doubled

The 3rd PDT was a completely different yet unforgettable one!

That’s because all three JSC 2016 alumni came to our training to get closer with the new members of this organisation, us. They surely made us even more keen to do the activities at the PDT due to their never-ending impulse. Yes, these enthusiasms scattered the whole day during our PDT. (lebih…)

[PDT 2] It’s all about insightfulness!

The 19th of August 2017 was an impressive day for me and other delegates of JSCYP 2017. We had many interesting talks with an insightful speaker and her mind-blowing ideas. So, this is our story about it. To start it off, as always Regina (Beijing 2016) reminded us to come to our lovely home DISPORA DKI Jakarta at 9 A.M. Tardiness has no place here. Five minutes late means doing a one-minute spontaneous speech about pretty much anything. Stiven, Scherzo and I would be required to make our opinions delivered nicely according to the time limit if we’re late. All in all, it was so exciting! (lebih…)

[PDT 1] The Gentlemen’s first encounter

Last Saturday, Angga, Stiven, and I, the delegates of Jakarta Sister City-Beijing 2017, had our very first Pre-Departure Training (PDT) for JSCYP Beijing 2017. The PDT took place at Gedung Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga DKI Jakarta. The activities we had were very interesting, fun, yet important, such as bonding games and introduction amongst delegates and alumni, exchange of knowledge regarding China, and sharing session with the alumni. (lebih…)

[PDT 0] Meet The Gentlemen

Berakhir sudah seleksi JSCYP Beijing 2017 yang diadakan pada tanggal 22-30 Juli 2017 lalu. Seleksi diikuti oleh 96 pendaftar yang antusias. Dari 96 pendaftar tersebut, hanya 3 orang yang terpilih; Anugrah Oky Pratama (Angga), Scherzo Wahid Naiborhu, dan Stiven Lim. Mari kita berkenalan denganĀ The Gentlemen yang akan mewakili Jakarta di Beijing Sister City Camp and International Youth Forum 2017 di Beijing, Tiongkok. Jawaban dari mereka ditandai dengan ‘AN’ untuk Angga, ‘ST’ Stiven, dan ‘SC’ Scherzo.

Kiri ke kanan: Angga, Scherzo, dan Stiven.