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[PDT 1] The Gentlemen’s first encounter

Last Saturday, Angga, Stiven, and I, the delegates of Jakarta Sister City-Beijing 2017, had our very first Pre-Departure Training (PDT) for JSCYP Beijing 2017. The PDT took place at Gedung Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga DKI Jakarta. The activities we had were very interesting, fun, yet important, such as bonding games and introduction amongst delegates and alumni, exchange of knowledge regarding China, and sharing session with the alumni.

The first agendum, which included introduction and bonding games, was conducted by Regina (Beijing 2016). Each delegate introduced themselves and shared their motivation for participating in the program. Apparently all delegates have interesting and crucial missions to obtain whilst in China. Furthermore, the alumni also introduced themselves. There were Rendy (Beijing 2013), Arga (Beijing 2013), Yudis (Berlin 2014), Dea (Beijing 2013), and Mila (Seoul 2014), followed by remarkable games, in which delegates and alumni had to guess each other’s fun facts such as hobbies, favourite colours, taste of music, etc. These games had successfully strengthened the bonding amongst delegates and alumni.

Sharing session with the alumni.

We are officially the members of JSCYP family!

After the game, alumni shared their experience from previous JSCYP programs they participated, starting from the selection process, PDT, the program, to post-program. To illustrate, alumni of Beijing 2013 and 2016 shared how they were actively involved in the youth camp, how they prepared for the presentation, and how they nailed the forum session. Alumni of Seoul and Berlin 2014 talked about how PDT had significantly prepared them for the program. Interestingly, in consonance with the sharing from alumni, Jakarta delegates have been known as one of the most outstanding participants in Beijing youth camps from year to year. Therefore, the delegates for JSC-Beijing 2017 have to perform remarkably in the event to maintain this recognition.

All in all, we have experienced a warm and fun atmosphere in our first PDT. We have obtained a lot of suggestions, recommendations, as well as views of the program from the alumni. We will continue the positive ambiance and be well-prepared for the program!

Scherzo Wahid Naiborhu
JSCYP Beijing 2017 Delegate

This is Episode 1 of Diary Beijing 2017 series.


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