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[PDT 2] It’s all about insightfulness!

The 19th of August 2017 was an impressive day for me and other delegates of JSCYP 2017. We had many interesting talks with an insightful speaker and her mind-blowing ideas. So, this is our story about it. To start it off, as always Regina (Beijing 2016) reminded us to come to our lovely home DISPORA DKI Jakarta at 9 A.M. Tardiness has no place here. Five minutes late means doing a one-minute spontaneous speech about pretty much anything. Stiven, Scherzo and I would be required to make our opinions delivered nicely according to the time limit if we’re late. All in all, it was so exciting!

Tired yet inspired.

The main agenda was sharing about hot topics/news. Well, I think this scheme was a really good method to increase the capabilities of all delegates on understanding current issues. So each of us had to explain at least one topic, which would be discussed on our discussion panel.

Stiven started his statement about North Korea’s nuclear threat, which had predisposed international order and created insecurities for the people globally, especially those living in the Korean Peninsula.

Meanwhile, Scherzo as an economist talked about the emerging power of Alibaba Group’s investment into one of the most popular dan biggest consumer-to-consumer marketplaces in Indonesia, Tokopedia. Those Rp. 14,5 Trillion Rupiah ( became an evidence of Indonesia’s existence in the potential business market of this archipelago country, then gaining as much investment from the world in order to create a better living for Indonesian people. However, we need to be prepared as well because with the lack of knowledge and less-preparation, we would be left behind from this globalisation era.

I personally talked about Indonesia’s strategic position in our international relations in terms of politics. I quoted Mr. Hatta (Indonesia’s first Vice President), “Mendayung di antara 2 karang” which means as a great nation, we don’t have to be affiliated on a single ideology, either liberalism or communism. I know he mentioned it when we were still facing the Cold-War, but I think that concept is quite relevant for our nation nowadays, that Indonesia shouldn’t be dependent on any countries. With all the powers we have, we surely can develop a good coherence towards other nations based on mutual-relation (interdependence). Therefore, the founding father’s dreams would be realised after all.

Back then to the agenda, next was presentation time. First things first, we were obligated to write down our ideas on a Mind-Map about Youth and Innovation which consists of 3 major themes: Youth and Government, Youth and Technology, and Youth and Entrepreneurship. We agreed on choosing Youth and Entrepreneurship as our theme for this presentation. So each of us had to present it one by one, which started from Me, Scherzo and then Stiven. The alumni gave us some inputs and suggestions related to the issues we presented afterwards.

Dira Fabrian is awesome, indeed.

After lunch time, we had a special guest from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is Dira Fabrian, one of the coolest people we’d ever met. The very first moment we saw her, we knew already that she is incredibly awesome. She told us how strong and potential Indonesia is, the way to do soft diplomacy, and also taught us to be ourselves when we met with other people from different countries , and to always remember to keep the integrity of Indonesian people. So, their perspectives about Indonesians will always be wonderful and friendly.

Last but not least, I learned two basic things from this PDT. The first one, even if you know the bad things about your country, as a youth ambassador you need to spread the positives of Indonesia throughout the world. Don’t let anyone let your country down. The second one, of course many countries provide a lot of tantalising opportunities, nevertheless only Indonesia has Unity in Diversity as its motto. That’s why many people love Indonesia.

We’re looking forward to the next PDT session ahead and be blown away!

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JSCYP Beijing 2017 Delegate

This is Episode 2 of Diary Beijing 2017 series.


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