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[PDT 3] The Three Musketeers, doubled

The 3rd PDT was a completely different yet unforgettable one!

That’s because all three JSC 2016 alumni came to our training to get closer with the new members of this organisation, us. They surely made us even more keen to do the activities at the PDT due to their never-ending impulse. Yes, these enthusiasms scattered the whole day during our PDT.

At last, a nice footage of us three.

As usual, if one of us is late, then we have to present a short spontaneous speech. Well, I think this kind of punishment is really effective to boost our skills in public speaking and time management, because we should talk about anything which had not been prepared for before, in a limited time given depending on the time of tardiness.

Stiven took the advantage of his ‘punishment’ to talk about Islamphobia which has spread throughout the world without any justification. As a non-Muslim who lives in an Islamic neighbourhood, he could completely show us what tolerance is about. I can assure you, unity in diversity do exist here in Indonesia.

Secondly, we had a special guest yesterday. Deny Setiyadi (Beijing 2016), who came all the way from Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation to Jakarta. To the best of my knowledge, he came to attend Regina’s graduation ceremony and to meet The Gentlemen of JSCYP 2017. Really, it was an honour to see a cool guy who is totally inspirational, both on his career and educational background. One thing that amazed me about him, although he has a lot of professional experiences, he is still down-to-earth and respectful of other people. Again, I’m proud to be part of Ikatan Keluarga Alumni Pemuda (IKAP) JSCYP because of the amazing members inside here.

Stories come short, the third agendum was presentation! Each of us was given a specific theme regarding to the motions that we are going to talk about Youth and Entrepreneurship in Beijing, China. Stiven shed light on Edupreneurship, Scherzo on Sociopreneurship, and I talked about Creativepreneurship. I knew everybody did their best, both on their preparation and their presentation. It’s not about looking great, but more abou being well-prepared for anything, so we could anticipate the worst that could probably happen in the future.  We got many constructive criticisms and brilliant suggestions from the more experienced alumni.

Probably JSCYP’s most legendary selfie to this date.

After break time, we were back to the agenda which was sharing session, encrusted with a deep conversation. I personally think that we didn’t have any gaps from one another, because we became friends since a long time ago. Therefore, our discussions about their experience last year, developments, and even internal chitchats were so synergised and connected. Moreover, we had found new formula to deal with various problems we might be facing later on.

For my closing statement, I’m just going to say that this encounter has successfully strengthened us as fighters, cultivated our partnerships as a team, and united us as a family. ‘Til next PDT, everyone!

On behalf of The Gentlemen,

Anugrah Oky Pratama
JSCYP Beijing 2017 Delegate

This is Episode 3 of Diary Beijing 2017 series.


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